Travaux préparatoires of the CISG

The UN Sales Convention (CISG) looks back on a long drafting history that culminated in the Convention's text as adopted at the Diplomatic Conference held in Vienna in 1980. This section of CISG-online makes available legislative material (travaux préparatoires) from the preparatory work that lead to the 1980 Conference:

The so-called Secretariat Commentary on the 1978 draft text of the Convention formed an important basis for the delegates' discussions in Vienna and continues to inform courts interpreting the CISG today.

The main drafting work was done within UNCITRAL and its Working Group on the International Sale of Goods between 1970 and 1978.

The 1964 Hague Sales Laws (ULF & ULIS) were predecessors to the CISG. Many CISG provisions were modelled on counterparts in ULF or ULIS.