About the CISG Article by Article section

Our CISG Article by Article section collects and presents information on each of the Sales Convention's provisions. It is yet far from being completed, but is expected to grow over time.


1. Features that are already accessible


At the moment, our CISG Article by Article section provides the following information on each provision of the CISG:

  • the part of the "Secretariat Commentary" that discusses the predecessor provision to the respective CISG Article contained in the 1978 Draft of the Convention (if any)
  • the part of the 2016 UNCITRAL Digest of Case Law on the respective CISG Article that collects cases interpreting and applying the provision
  • the CISG Advisory Council Opinions that address or touch on the respective provision (if any)
  • for some CISG provisions, a page titled "Impact of Art. [x] on the interpretation of non-CISG provisions" that lists decisions in our database that do not apply the Sales Convention to international sales contracts covered by the Convention's scope, but instead use the respective CISG Article as a source of inspiration in interpreting other provisions of domestic or international law
  • for most (but not all) CISG provisions, an Article-specific Bibliography that lists books, book chapters and journal articles specifically discussing the respective CISG Article. (Note that article-by-article commentaries, textbooks and other publications that cover broader topics or the Sales Convention in its entirety are not listed in our Article-specific bibliographies; they can instead be found in our general Bibliography.) 


2. Features that are still under construction


Other features are still under construction, and will likely remain so for some time. Among these are:

  • a search function that will find all court decisions or arbitral awards that have applied or interpreted the respective CISG provision – however, such a an article-specific search function is already available as part of our general "Search for cases" function, where it can be used by entering the article number in the "CISG provision cited" search field
  • a different angle of access to the case law on the respective provision by listing the leading cases by the specific problem addressed therein, or by a CISG provision's terms that they interpret
  • categorisation of case law on a provision for example by goods traded or by periods for purposes of a "reasonable time" under Art. 39(1) CISG