Submit publications on the CISG

We very much welcome additions to our CISG Bibliography. We list publications in every language, of every type and irrespective of the place of publication.

Any information in this regard should be sent to the CISG-online team at:

More specifically, two categories of information are of use for our CISG Bibliography:

1. Information about publications on the CISG that are not yet in our Bibliography

As we aim at making our CISG Bibliography as comprehensive as possible, any information publications on the CISG that are not yet contained therein is much appreciated.

The same applies, of course, to details that have been incorrectly entered into our Bibliography – please point such mistakes out to us.

2. Full texts of publications on the CISG

Entries in our CISG Bibliography are particularly useful for our users if they include the full text of the publication for download.

Note that we can only upload text files in pdf format.

Important: If you send us full texts publications for upload on CISG-online, please make sure that applicable copyright restrictions, if any, are observed.