Further information on CISG practice by goods traded

The categories of goods used in CISG-online's section "CISG practice by goods traded" are based on the United Nations Standard International Trade Classification, Revision 4 (SITC) published by the Statistics Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs in 2006. Originally developed in order to achieve a greater comparability of international merchandise trade statistics, the SITC is today primarily used by countries and international organizations as an analytical tool for the study long-term trends in international merchandise trade and the aggregation of traded commodities into classes suitable for economic analysis.

The categories of goods displayed consist of the division codes (example: "67") and the division descriptions (example: "Iron and steel") of SITC's classification scheme. They do not use SITC's more detailed groups, subgroups and basic headings.

Furthermore, we have added two new categories not found in SITC:

  • 100: Unspecified goods
  • 101: none - this case does not involve a sale of goods