Thomas Neumann is associate professor of commercial law. He is currently the head of the doctoral education in law at Aalborg University, the editor-in-chief of the Nordic Journal of Commercial Law and holds a seat as research coordinator at the Department of Law at Aalborg University. Neumann’s current research activities involve crowdfunding law, international business law, contract law, sales law, law of obligations, law and technology, and the cybersociety and law. He is chairman of The CLEAR Project – a research group devoted to the analysis and dissemination of legal aspects of crowdfunding.

Neumann has a background as PhD from Aarhus School of Business in 2011 with his dissertation ‘An Exploration of Article 80 CISG’. Subsequently, Neumann won a 1.6 million kroner research grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research for his initiatives on international sales law. From 2009–2021 he developed the CISGNordic database providing open access to Nordic jurisprudence. Neumann is a former semi-finalist of the Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot, host of the UN-sponsored conference International Commercial Law from a Nordic and Baltic Perspective 2014 with subsequent release of open source video-conference book and host of the 25th CISG Advisory Council meeting 2018 at Aalborg University.