"Reasonable time" by period

This page sorts case law interpreting and applying the "reasonable time" standard of Art. 49(2)(a) and (b) CISG by the time period that the respective Court found to be reasonable or unreasonable.


6-7 weeks:

Czech Republic
PVC foil case
Oberlandesgericht Naumburg (Oberlandesgericht des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt) (Court of Appeal Naumburg)
Germany, 24 April 2019 – 12 U 152/18, CISG-online 4506
a maximum period of 6-7 weeks can be considered "reasonable" under Art. 49(2)(a) or (b) CISG - if buyer became aware of non-conformity of delivered PVC foil on 28 November 2013, a contract avoidance in mid-February 2014 was not declared within reasonable time