Art. 54 CISG

The buyer's obligation to pay the price includes taking such steps and complying with such formalities as may be required under the contract or any laws and regulations to enable payment to be made.



Secretariat Commentary

The Secretariat Commentary on Art. 50 of the 1978 New York Draft, predecessor to Art. 54 CISG, gives insight into the drafters' unterstanding on the eve of the 1980 Vienna Diplomatic Conference.


Overview of case law on Art. 54 CISG: UNCITRAL Digest

The UNCITRAL Digest on the CISG can be used as a starting point to discover the relevant case law on this article.


Interpretation of Art. 54 CISG: Selected issues discussed in case law

  • Does the CISG govern the question which currency the payment has to be made in?


Czech Republic
Erasteel Commentry v. Ezeta S.A.
Juzgado Nacional de Primera Instancia en lo Comercial No. 26 (National Commercial Court of First Instance No. 26)
Argentina, Nov 2002, CISG-online 4395
As Art. 54 CISG does not expressly address the currency of the payment, this question has to be settled in conformity with the (domestic) law applicable by virtue of the forum's rules of private international law (Art. 7(2) CISG)