Art. 95 CISG

Any State may declare at the time of the deposit of its instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession that it will not be bound by subparagraph (1)(b) of article 1 of this Convention.



CISG Contracting States that have made an Art. 95 CISG reservation:

  • Armenia
  • China
  • Laos
  • Singapore
  • Slovak Republic
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • U.S.A.

CISG Contracting States that had made an Art. 95 CISG reservation, but have since withdrawn the reservation:

  • Canada (reservation in effect for the province British Columbia between 1 May 1992 and 31 January 1993)
  • Czech Republic (reservation in effect between 1 January 1993 and 31 May 2018)


CISG-AC Opinion regarding Art. 95 CISG

Overview of case law on Art. 95 CISG: UNCITRAL Digest

The UNCITRAL Digest on the CISG can be used as a starting point to discover the relevant case law on this article.