CISG Nordic and CISG-online databases join forces

We are excited to report that CISG-online and CISG Nordic, the well-known database focusing on the Sales Convention’s interpretation and application in the Nordic (Scandinavian) countries, are joining forces! The CISG case law from the Nordic region as well as from Bulgaria, Estonia and Latvia contained in CISG Nordic has now been fully incorporated into CISG-online, as has CISG Nordic’s bibliography.


Associate Professor Thomas Neumann of Aalborg University (Denmark), founder and editor of CISG Nordic, has joined CISG-online as International Contributor and will continue to report CISG case law and legal writings from the Nordic States in this function.


Thomas Neumann: "CISG-online is not only the most comprehensive CISG database there is, it also works as a very valuable search tool. The CISG Nordic database is now 12 years old, and instead of spending even more of my volunteers’ valuable time upgrading the technical side, it seems right to join forces with CISG-online. In doing so, we can now direct more attention to increasing the volume and quality of the data with Professor Schroeter and his team."


Professor Ulrich G. Schroeter, editor of CISG-online: “We are delighted that Thomas has decided to merge his excellent database with ours, thereby significantly increasing the information in CISG-online about Nordic practice on the Sales Convention. It will be great to work with him in the future, pursuing our joint goal to create an academic one-stop resource about the CISG as global law in action.”