Submit a CISG case

As we try to feed the database with as much international, CISG-related case law as possible, we are very grateful for any advice on cases that have not yet found their way into the database. To this end, it would be very helpful for us if you could send

  • the completed template "CISG-online_new-case-information" and
  • the full text of the decision as a .pdf, .docx or .rtf file




Language barriers prevent many CISG decisions from becoming the subject of the international discussion. If your schedule allows you to provide

  • an abstract of the decision and/or
  • a translation of the full text of the decision

in English (again to, the international CISG-community will be deeply indebted to you. Moreover, we will mention each translator's name in the respective case overview on CISG-online and in the translation document.