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Case name
Elos Med S.P. v. Glimm Screens B.V.
Rechtbank Noord-Nederland (District Court Northern Netherlands)
N.A. Baarsma (Sole judge)
Date of decision
09 February 2022
Case nr./docket nr.
C/18/202331 / HA ZA 20-245
Claimant 1
Elos Med S.P.
Place of business
Role in transaction
Respondent 1
Glimm Screens B.V.
Place of business
Role in transaction
Case History
Present decision
Glimm Screens B.V. v. Elos Med S.P.
Gerechtshof Arnhem-Leeuwarden (Court of Appeal Arnhem-Leeuwarden)
Netherlands, 29 August 2023 – 200.313.285/01, CISG-online 6449
Seller 1
Glimm Screens B.V.
Place of business
Role in trade
Manufacturer of the goods sold
Buyer 1
Elos Med S.P.
Place of business
Role in trade
End-user of the goods
Category of goods
81: Prefabricated buildings; sanitary plumbing, heating and lighting fixtures and fittings, not elsewhere specified
Goods as per contract
Hologram equipment with accessories
35'459.34 EUR (Euro)
CISG applicable
yes, due to parties' choice of the law of a CISG Contracting State
CISG applied
(Domestic) law applied in addition
Dutch law
Key CISG provisions interpreted and applied
Art. 7(1); Art. 25; Art. 49(1)(a); Art. 74; Art. 81(1); Art. 84(1)
Key CISG provisions interpreted
Art. 4 (validity of standard terms not governed by CISG)
Key CISG provisions applied
Art. 8 (incorporation of standard terms into a CISG contract); Art. 8 (identification of buyer in a purchase scenario involving a leasing company); Art. 33(c)
CISG provisions also cited
Art. 6; Art. 8(3); Art. 33(a); Art. 33(b); Art. 47(1); Art. 49(1)(b)
Relevant CISG provisions not cited
Art. 14(1) (incorporation of standard terms into a CISG contract); Art. 26
Non-provision-specific issues addressed
Incorporation of standard terms into CISG contracts; Uncertainty about party to the sales contract
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This decision cites the following CISG-AC Opinion 1
This decision is cited by 1
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Rechtbank Zeeland-West-Brabant (District Court Zeeland-West-Brabant)
Netherlands, 03 August 2022 – C/02/383574 / HA ZA 21-149, CISG-online 5974
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Comment on this decision 1
Burghard Piltz, 'Neue Entwicklungen im UN-Kaufrecht', Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW) (2023), 2542–2548, at 2545 [– in German]
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