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Case name
Ukrainian chemical fertilizer case
Arbitral Tribunal
ICC International Court of Arbitration
Seat of the arbitration
Basel (Switzerland)
Date of decision
Case nr./docket nr.
Claimant 1
Place of business
Role in transaction
Respondent 1
Place of business
Role in transaction
Seller 1
Place of business
Buyer 1
Place of business
Role in trade
Dealer / Trader
Category of goods
56: Fertilizers (other than those of group 272 (which is a part of division 27))
Goods as per contract
Chemical fertilizer (origin: Ukraine)
CISG applicable
yes, as rules of law determined by arbitral tribunal (Article 13(3) ICC Arbitration Rules 1988)
CISG applied
Key CISG provisions interpreted and applied
Art. 7(2); Art. 25; Art. 49(1)(a); Art. 75; Art. 78; Art. 79(2)
Key CISG provisions applied
Art. 51(1); Art. 73(1); Art. 74
CISG provisions also cited
Art. 1(1)(a); Art. 47(1)
Decision published in 1
Journal du droit international (JDI or Clunet) (1996), 1024–1028 [Text (excerpt) – in French]
Case identifier in the old Albert H. Kritzer Database
Comments on this decision 2
Jean-Jacques Arnaldez, Yves Derains & Dominique Hascher (eds.), Collection of ICC Arbitral Awards/Recueil des sentences arbitrales de la CCI 1996-2000, Paris/The Hague/London/New York: ICC Publishing/Kluwer Law International (2003), at 440–445 [– in English]
Dominique Hascher, Journal du droit international (JDI or Clunet) (1996), 1024–1030 [– in French]
Full text of decision 1
Full text of decision